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Phase 1 – As a Home Design Company, we start with the Design/Budgeting Phase

The following outlines the step-by-step process that we take with our clients. The key to this phase is to develop a detailed wish list at the very beginning which we can then establish a realistic goal for the budget. These steps include the following:

  1. Wish ListCreate a Wish list
    It is important to understand what the goals of the project are, what are you trying to accomplish within this project whether it is a small addition to create more useable space for your family or a brand new custom home. There are many websites out there that can be used as great resources to print out pictures of styles of homes, interior spaces, details, colors, materials, etc. We have found that utilizing the website, Houzz, you can create an idea book that we can then review together. Remember, you are not looking through this to find the perfect design; you are going through and finding items that catch your eye. The more information that you can provide, ie, room-by-room requirements, kitchens, how you live, entertain, etc, the more accurate our design will be upon presenting.
  2. BudgetEstablish a Budget
    You have now created your wish list. Now we have to establish a realistic budget to build your wish list. Through initial discussions prior to starting any design work, it is important to understand what you can afford to spend, what you want to spend and even what the neighbourhood can warrant you spending. There are many points and directions that this conversation can be taken but it is extremely important to marry a realistic budget with a realistic wish list prior to starting any work
  3. Design InvestigationPreliminary Design Investigation
    Every property has it’s own unique characteristics, qualities and zoning requirements. If this is a new home, it is important to walk the site and understand the topography, orientation and surrounding landscape. If this is a renovation and addition, a detailed site measure must be completed so that all of the existing conditions of the house, mechanical, structural, etc, can be properly documented. A key item for this portion of work is a survey or site plan. Most homes will have some sort of document that shows the existing home in relationship to the property lines or boundary. Depending on the scope of the project, a new survey may have to be completed and provided so that an accurate assessment of the property moving forward, can be completed.
  4. Design ConceptDesign Concept
    Now that we have all of the information from both you as the client as well as the local planning departments and other jurisdictions, we can now prepare a detailed design. This may include color rendered exterior and interior elevations and floor plans illustrating room layouts, lighting, furniture and landscape features. The more accurate and inclusive the design is based on how much information we receive from our clients in Item 1 above.
  5. Budget ConfirmationBudget Confirmation
    With the design package presented to our client, we now have the necessary information to sit down and prepare a preliminary budget. The purpose for this exercise is to confirm where the design falls in relation to the budget that was discussed at the very beginning of the project. Although the design was created with the budget in mind, this step gives us a more accurate assessment of where the project falls.
  6. Sign OffDesign Sign Off
    Now that a design has been presented and a budget has been prepared and submitted, we now work through with our clients to incorporate all of the changes and revisions they wish to see. These revisions include modifying the design to work with the budget as well and when these changes have been reflected in the drawings, we can now finalize the design and receive approval to move forward with Phase 2 of our process.

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