Building Construction requires our Site Review to ensure a smooth project

Phase 3 – Site Review

Ready to BuildNow that we have completed Phase 1 and 2 of our process, we are ready to move forward with the contractor of your choice as the 3 and final member of our team. We have worked together to create a beautiful design, prepared all the necessary documentation to implement this design and now have all of our permits in place.

As a result of detailed construction documents from Phase 2, the contractor now has a building manual that he can start the work. That does not mean that the “Team” breaks apart. There are still some important stages through the construction process that are important to have the Client, Designer and Contractor on site together, to walk the job and ensure that the Client understands what is going on and is happy with things. That the Contractor has all the information that he/she requires and finally, that the Designer’s vision is coming to fruition.

Some of these key site meetings would include…

  1. Completion of framing to ensure that everything has been completed as per plan. This is also a key time to meet with the client so that they will have a clearer understanding of the space now that it is being built. At this meeting, we would walk through with the Contractor and Client to discuss all of the back framing, that is to say, all of the bulkheads, walls and other framing details that complete the space.
  2. Lighting and Electrical walk through. Although a very detailed lighting and electrical plan has been completed, it is always helpful to walk through the site with the Client and Contractor to ensure that where we have located pot lights, switches or electrical outlets, will work with the framing that has now been completed and make any of the changes to the layout. This is always a great time to ensure that we have accommodated for all electrical locations based on furniture layout, etc.
  3. Exterior colors and samples of materials can now be ordered by the Contractor, whether it is having stone or brick samples done up on site to approve the blend of stone and mortar joints, to having samples of siding, stucco or other finishes prepared to put the entire color palette together. It is always important to visualize this outside to obtain the best lighting conditions.
  4. Final walk through. This is a very important final step in completing the project. Every project will have some deficiencies and items that need to be cleared up and completed by the Designer, Contractor and/or Client. We always suggest that a meeting be held by the Team on site to walk through the project and complete a list of what these items are. Once that list is completed, it is agreed to by all those involved, the work is completed and we can receive final sign off.

It is important to note that communication throughout the entire process is the key to a successful project. That includes from the very beginning of the project through expressing your wish list and budget to the very completion of the project with the final walk through. This communication, in conjunction with the right team, will make for a smooth process that is done in a timely manner.

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